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Grilled salmon

miso vinaigrette, fish stock & lemon risotto with garlic green beans

$ 36

Wild mushroom Mezzi Paccheri pasta
with veal broth, lemon, parmesan and braised tomatoes
$ 32

Spaghetti squash on roasted pepper “cream” (Vegan) 
with spinash, braised tomatoes and almonds
$ 24

Normand’s braised ribs

our famous smoked sauce, house fries and vegetables

$ 37

Hanger cut steak

with béarnaise butter, house fries & vegetables

$ 38

Braised dish of the day
on mashed potatoes

$ MP

Sea plater
with scallop, mussels, shrimps & cod on sourcrout style cabbage, tarragon white butter
42 $

Rack of lamb for 2 two

pistachio crust, rosemary veal demi-glace, mashed potatoes and vegetables

140 $

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